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Grain Audio PWS.01 Packable Wireless Speaker Review

There are more portable wireless speaker manufacturers out in the market currently than i can even begin to count but the thing that really matters is that most of them have one thing in common, they don’t seem to focus enough in producing high quality and high performance products mainly because the majority of their target audience places low-cost and design above everything else. There are certainly some exceptions to that rule so aside low-cost portable wireless speakers these companies do occasionally release good quality products but still not on par to what some other more “audiophile” oriented companies do. Grain Audio may not have been around for long but they’ve got a large following around the world simply because they cater to the needs of people who place quality and performance above cost and so it’s no surprise that we just had to check out their latest products and the PWS.01 packable wireless speaker is the first to reach our doorstep.

via Grain Audio PWS.01 Packable Wireless Speaker Review.

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