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GTX 980Ti Gets the MSI Gaming Golden Edition Treatment

MSI’s golden edition video cards are limited run versions sporting a copper heatsink and higher clocks than their standard offerings. This time, it is the GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming video card’s turn to get the golden edition treatment. Compared to the regular MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming which has 1178MHz Core, 1279MHz boost and 7010 MHz memory clock, the GTX 980 Ti Gaming Golden Edition has a 1190 MHz core, 1291 MHz GPU Boost, and 7096 MHz memory.


The formerly red accents on the Gaming edition series now has a metallic tinge of gold mixed in (which results in a metallic orange of sorts) and the GTX 980 Ti Gaming Golden Edition also has a backplate at the rear. Because of the extra copper, this video card weighs more than the original, clocking in at 1,338 grams compared to 1,068 grams. Since this is a limited edition run, expect supplies to run short quickly once hardcore collectors get their orders in (or you can always mod an original one to look like a Gaming Golden Edition *wink*wink*).

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