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Help Design a Future Fractal Design Case

New Factal Design LogoI have heard it too many times over the years of people saying “Why did they build it like this? If they would ask me I would have told them…”. Stop you whining and tell a manufacture what you think!

This is your chance to help Fractal Design get some feed back about what you would like to see incorporated into future case designs. All they ask is that you take a simple survey with questions such as…

1. We’re in the works of developing the next generation of our mATX Tower case. Seeing the recent success of our new Define S layout, what internal layout would you prefer in a mATX Tower case: Define R5 Style or a Define S Style?

*2. Provided that the form factor is the same (i.e. ATX, or mATX), which would you rather have?

*3. How many 3.5″ hard drives do you consider to be the minimum for an ITX case (Keep in mind that a higher number will make the case larger)

Please take just a few minutes to help create a new computer case from Fractal Design.

Survey Link


We Want To Hear From You!

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