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HP Stream 7 – a £50/$69 Windows 8.1 Tablet @ PCReview

For such a low cost device, the hardware is surprisingly decent. You’ll get a quad-core CPU, 32GB of storage and an IPS touchscreen (1280×800). It’s not going to win any benchmark competitions, but it’ll happily power browsers and other non-intensive applications. The 1GB of memory is the real bottleneck, but what more can you expect for the price.

In terms of connectivity, all of the essentials are there. Having a USB port is a massive advantage over some tablets, as almost all USB accessory hardware will work on a Windows platform. Only a micro-B USB 2.0 port is included (to save space), so you may need a cheap adaptor to plug in some devices if they require the larger USB-A port that some PC peripherals use. Sadly there is no mini-HDMI port, which would have opened up a lot of interesting possibilities.

HP Stream 7 – a £50/$69 Windows 8.1 Tablet @ PCReview


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