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HyperX Alloy FPS Keyboard Now Available with Cherry MX Brown or Red Switches

The HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard was launched last year and was only available with Cherry MX blue switches. This is usually the switch of choice for typists with its tactile clicky nature and not particularly popular for gaming so it was unusual to say the least. Among Cherry’s Cherry MX switches, gamers tend to prefer either the linear Cherry MX red or the tactile Cherry MX brown for their lower actuation requirement (45cN vs 50cN with blue switches) but also because users can input keys much faster because of the lack of the pronounced click-back. The good news is that HyperX is now giving potential buyers the option of choosing a Cherry MX brown or a Cherry MX red switch as well as the original Cherry MX blue switch.

HyperX Alloy FPS Keyboard Now Available with Cherry MX Brown or Red Switches

Other than the new switch options, the HyperX Alloy mechanical keyboard still comes with a solid steel frame measuring 441.65 x 129.38 x 35.59 mm and has removable USB cables so that it can be transported easily, especially for LAN parties. There is also a USB pass-through charging port and has the expected gaming amenities such as full NKRO and anti-ghosting over USB as well as extra keycaps for the WASD cluster and four number keys.  It even comes with a carrying bag and keycap replacement puller. Like the Cherry MX blue version of the keyboard, it also has multimedia keys and a individually red LED backlit keys.  The HyperX Alloy FPS in three various Cherry MX versions is available for $99 USD and comes with a two-year limited warranty.



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