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HyperX Skyn Mouse Pad Review

I really enjoy finishing touches. When I am working on a project, and have the bulk portion of the work completed, and it comes down to the final details, I spend the extra time making sure the project is 100%, because I know those results will show. I believe the final details can make all the difference. The Kingston HyperX Skyn Mousepad is one of those final touches to complete your gaming, or computing, experience. You have your computer and peripherals, but having the option for different mouse surfaces to meet your specific needs, and the capacity to change them when needed, for such a small price tag, can really make the difference. The HyperX Skyn Mousepad is 355mmx255mm, which means it will fit on almost any desk, weighing only .04lbs. and being only .254mm thick, and it enhances your surface, instead of getting in your way. The anti-microbial surface prevents dirt and bacteria, while the adhesive backing allows the mousepad to stick to most surfaces with ease, stay in place while in use, and is easily removable. Also provided are additional options of two surfaces to meet your needs, speed and control, and a 2 year warranty.

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