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Intel Core i7-5960X Review, Gigabyte X99-Gaming 5 –

It would be fair to say that in terms of raw CPU performance in the high end of the market Intel hasn’t had much to worry about in recent times. Their X79/i7 based builds have offered fantastic results for those who work in multi-threaded applications and the competition hasn’t had anything to challenge with. This has allowed Intel to focus on tweaking their mainstream parts (and those below them) to offer performance and features which they hope will sway consumers to their brand. Over time though it has become harder and harder to recommend X79 to consumers as it lacks key features, many of them storage related, which other platforms offer. Today that changes with the launch of the Intel Core i7-5960X, the accompanying X99 chipset with support for m.2 as well as SATA Express and thrown in for good measure on the new socket 2011-3 boards is DDR4 compatibility.

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