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Killing Your Internet with Killer Ethernet

We’re PC enthusiasts. We buy bigger graphics cards to improve our gaming, better audio cards to improve our immersion, and feature-richier gaming peripherals to improve our skill. Is it so unreasonable, then, to purchase an Ethernet card that promises to deliver the best-possible net experience for gamers? It’s an oft-debated topic, and one that doesn’t have a clear conclusion.

Since its introduction in 2006, the idea behind the Killer NIC has sketched me out. Thing were made worse by the fact that the company knew it sketched me out, and never responded to my requests for a sample despite having had prior correspondence. Perhaps it’s because I once placed a sword next to my router and called it the “Killer Router” that did it – I’m not sure.

via Killing Your Internet with Killer Ethernet – Techgage.


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