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LG Electronics to share patents with Google until 2023

LG Electronics will share its patents with Google. This will be an opportunity for LG Electronics to reduce the burden of patent suits in discovering next-generation income sources.

LG Electronics announced on the 5th that it had concluded a patent sharing (cross-license) contract with Google in comprehensive business and technological fields. This contract is a follow-up measure for a strategic affiliation concluded in 2006 targeting mobile services. The companies will share not only the existing patents, but also patents to be applied in the next ten years until 2023.

With this contract, LG Electronics anticipates that it will be able to utilize Google’s patents on smartphone operating system (OS) Android, data processing, communications and information security in its business areas, such as smartphone, tablet PC, wearable smart devices and Internet of things (IoT). As for Google, the industry forecasts that it will be able to strengthen its hardware business and to stabilize leadership of Android OS in the mobile device market.

Director Lee Jeong-hwan of LG Electronics Patent Center (vice president) commented, “The two companies’ cooperation was strengthened for innovative product and technology development. Ultimately, it will contribute to the creation of values that change consumers’ lives.”


Allen Lo, Deputy General Counsel, Patents and Patent Litigation at Google, said, “With the strategic cooperation with LG Electronics, we will be able to focus more on developing products and services for our customers.”

Prior to this, LG Electronics had concluded patent sharing contracts with Sony in 2011 and with LG Innotek and Osram in 2012.

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