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Lupine by Tech-Daddy

A modded case does not have to be flashy to capture your attention. Lupine has a lot of features that you don't notice at first glance, but the more you look the more you see.

Lupine by Tech-Daddy 1

Tech-Daddy (Craig Tate) used a jigsaw and a rotary tool to cut the side panel into the design you see. Making sure to keep all the small used cut-off wheels Tech was able to re-use them for detail work in the design.

Lupine by Tech-Daddy 2

Lupine by Tech-Daddy 3


Craig took great care to make sure that the inside of the case was just as clean looking as the outside. The beating heart of this system is an AMD FX-53, 1 GB of Corsair memory, and an Asus A8V-e motherboard.

Lupine by Tech-Daddy 4


Doing the right thing Craig contacted the artist that made the two images he wanted to use and got their permissions. Next he made up the design he wanted and then passed it to a friend to have it etched into the Plexi panel. Using white LED's along the edges makes the window etching really stand out.

Lupine by Tech-Daddy 5


The wolf is cut out of acrylic then Tech-Daddy sanded both sides to give it that frosted looked. He then reduced the same image and printed it for a template. Taking the template he created the "blacked-out wolf" out of black poster board.

Lupine by Tech-Daddy 6

Tech-Daddy's work is always a labor of love, but when it's for some you care about you go far and beyond the normal steps. Lupine show that and more, you're a lucky lady Mrs. Tate.

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Dewayne Carel

Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. Shortly after that, he started Modders-Inc to help others learn how to create and have fun with PC case mods. He has created works for the likes of Bethesda, Cooler Master, ASUS, CPU Magazine, Razer, Zotac and more.

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