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[M] Corsair Obsidian 250D mITX Cube Computer Case Review

Formerly known as a pure RAM manufacturing giant, Corsair has expanded their lineup big time over the past years; the product range is now ranging from RAM, PSU’s, enclosures, gaming peripherals to even air/processor coolers. The cases covering from budget friendly till ultra high end versions. From basic mini towers till full blown full-tower models. Though the industry never stands still and formats tend to change. Corsair couldn’t be left behind in the mITX race; hence why they released a mITX case version in the form of the Obsidian 250D on January the 8th. Today we are proud to introduce you to Corsair’s latest sibling: The Obsidian 250D.

via [M] Corsair Obsidian 250D mITX Cube Computer Case Review.

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