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Mach Xtreme DIY 16GB SATA DOM Review

Although we’ve been trying to focus on bringing some of the latest HDDs, SSDs and USB Flash Drives to hit the market over at NikKTech for testing you might have noticed that we haven’t done so with mSATA drives mainly because hardly anyone has asked for such reviews and since we feel we need to test (at least primarily) whatever our readers ask SSDs and HDDs with USB Flash Drives following closely are the things we try most to acquire. However recently some of you asked our opinion about the somewhat new SATA DOM (Disk On Module) drives which are used both in tiny systems and some NAS models (other devices feature such connectors as well) either as boot drives just for the needs of the OS or as storage media for the firmware. Well not many manufacturers make such devices currently and the majority of the ones that do are currently offering them just to system integrators and NAS manufacturers so they are not really available in the market for consumers so the moment Mach Xtreme announced that they are launching their own DIY SATA DOM product line we wasted no time in asking for one to see how it does.

via Mach Xtreme DIY 16GB SATA DOM Review.

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