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In the ongoing tradition of modding out everything we can get our grubby little hands on, Krystal has written our latest guide on modding your mouse.  From bending acrylic for your mouse window to wiring up LEDs for internal illumination, just about every mod you could ever want to perform on a mouse is covered in this informative guide… definitely a good read.



Mod Your Mouse 1

     Here is where it all starts. Standard scroll mouse, this one is PS/2 model, a USB mouse should only change your connector pins for the power.

Mod Your Mouse 2

     Start with the disassembly and assess your options of wiring and windows. The wheel in this model is screwed in… figures. The arrow shows the pegs that are holding the buttons in place, remove them for later.

Mod Your Mouse 3

     The mouse top and bottom are emptied and placed together for a form for the plexi. The plexi is heated in the oven at 275� F and shaped to the mouse for a curved window.

Mod Your Mouse 4

     Finished shape is ready for the window layout and cutting.

Mod Your Mouse 5

     First is to fit the plexi in the place of the where the window will go. It is fitted around screw posts and PC board supports. The bit I use is a general straight cut mill bit, with the right speed it cuts both the plastic mouse and plexi without melting.


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