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MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX (Intel LGA 1150) Review | techPowerUp

MSI’s high-end, enthusiast-focused MPOWER line-up caters to those favoring MSI’s Lightning brand of high-end videocards. The Lightning brand of videocards, built around maximizing overclocks and breaking world records, features MSI’s own custom PCB designs with boosted power delivery and additional voltage-tweaking capabilities. Clocking VGAs as hard as MSI intends requires a strong platform to plug that Lightning VGA into, and the MPOWER brand of motherboards is designed to be that base. With overclocking as the first priority, MSI sent me their MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX to take my Haswell CPU to the limit, or should I say to the MAX?

via MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX (Intel LGA 1150) Review | techPowerUp.

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