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NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti Review Round-Up


The biggest news in gaming announced at Computex so far has been NVIDIA’s launch of the GTX 980 Ti at a surprisingly low $649 price tag. Initial rumours suggested that MSRP was going to be around $800 but the lower price is even made surprising by the fact that the GTX 980 has also been lowered now to $499 which is great news for those looking to upgrade. If you bought a GTX 980 a few weeks ago however, I feel really sorry for you. The GTX 980Ti is similar to the TITAN X, both based on the GM200 GPU but obviously some parts will be truncated, with the GTX 980Ti having 256 less cores and 16 less texture units since two of the SMM engines are disabled. Memory is similar at 6GB running at 7000MHz on a 384-bit bus and a 1000MHz core clock.


For a quick comparison, check out the table below:

 NAMEGTX 980 TiTITAN XGTX 980TITAN BlackR9 290XR9 295X2
GPUGM200GM200GM204GK110Hawaii XT2x Hawaii
GPU Cores281630722048288028162x 2816
Rated Clock (MHz)10001000112688910001018
Texture Units1761921282401762x 176
ROP Units96966448642x 64
Memory (MB)6144122884096614440962x 4096
Memory Clock (MHz)700070007000700050005000
Memory Interface384-bit384-bit256-bit384-bit512-bit2x 512-bit
TDP (watts)250250165250290500
Transistor Count8.0B8.0B5.2B7.1B6.2B2x 6.2B
MSRP (current)$649$999$499$999$329$619

Here is a list of launch-day retail models and their specs:

ASUSGTX980TI-6GD51000/1076/7010 MHzReference
EVGA06G-P4-1996-KR1140/1228/7010 MHzEVGA Hybrid
EVGA06G-P4-4990-KR1000/1076/7010 MHzReference
EVGA06G-P4-4991-KR1000/1076/7010 MHzReference
EVGA06G-P4-4995-KR1102/1190/7010 MHzACX 2.0
EVGA06G-P4-4992-KR1102/1190/7010 MHzReference
EVGA06G-P4-4993-KR1102/1190/7010 MHzACX 2.0
EVGA06G-P4-4997-KR1152/1241/7010 MHzACX 2.0
EVGA06G-P4-4998-KRTBAACX 2.0
EVGA06G-P4-4999-KR1140/1228/7010 MHzEKWB Block
EVGA06G-P4-5997-KRTBAACX 2.0
EVGA06G-P4-5998-KRTBAACX 2.0
GalaxTBA1000/1076/7010 MHzReference
GigabyteGV-N98TD5-6GD-B1000/1076/7010 MHzReference
Inno3DTBA1000/1076/7010 MHzReference
Inno3DTBATBAHerculeZ X3
Inno3DTBATBAHerculeZ X3 Air Boss
Inno3DTBATBAHerculeZ X4 Air Boss
Inno3DTBATBAAccellero Hybrid S
MSIGTX 980 TI 6GD51000/1076/7010 MHzReference
ZotacZT-90501-10P1000/1076/7010 MHzReference
ZotacZT-90503-10P1051/1140/7010 MHzEXO Fan
ZotacZT-90505-10P1253/1355/7210 MHzExo Fan
ZotacTBA1051/1140/7010 MHzArctic Storm

Here are all the available reviews so far (full reviews with benchmarks) – Updated 7:00PM EST 6/1/2015:

These are articles with no benchmarks (so far), will be updated when and if they do update:




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