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NVIDIA Offers GeForce NOW Game Streaming for $7.99/Mo

Gamers all over have been waiting for a game streaming service that can be the “Netflix of gaming” so when NVIDIA announced their GRID cloud game stream service earlier this year, many were pleased. That has now been renamed to “GeForce NOW” and price has been announced to be only $7.99 a month with the first 3-months free on sign-up which makes it very enticing with over 50 games available so far. There are some limitations to the service however such as the fact that you will need an NVIDIA SHIELD device (SHIELD Android Console ($199), SHIELD Pro ($299), SHIELD Tablet ($449), SHIELD Portable ($499). Although considering this is NVIDIA, everyone should have expected this. Maximum resolution is 1080p 60Hz and 4K is not yet supported.


NVIDIA claims a whopping 2,448 GFlops performance compared to their rivals so it would be interesting to see how it plays, especially with added latency over the internet. Hopefully upcoming devices using NVIDIA Tegra chips will be compatible as well (such as the new Google tablet) and hopefully NVIDIA keeps their promise of AAA title release or else this “Netflix of gaming” could turn into the “Hulu Plus of gaming”.


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