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OCZ Vertex 3.20 20nm SSD Review (240GB) | The SSD Review

The OCZ Vertex 3.20 SATA 3 SSD is a refresh of the Vertex 3 as OCZ has moved to Intel’s 20nm MLC NAND flash memory from the previous size of 25nm. The Vertex 3.20 is available in capacities of 120 and 240GB, with a 480GB size expected in the near future. Looking at the OCZ website, they have the V3.20 placed right beside the presumably ‘EOL’ Agility 3 in the ‘Mainstream Performance’ Section, with the former Vertex 3 still listed in the ‘High Performance’ area. With listed specs of 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write with up to 90,000 IOPS at low 4k aligned random disk access for the V3.20, we don’t think we will be seeing that large of a performance gap between old and new.

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