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PAPAGO P2Pro Full HD DashCam Review

Three years ago while i was driving on the far right lane of the interstate a car with half erased license plates pulled up from the center lane and onto the far right side of the road and although i managed to avoid hitting him dead on i couldn’t control the rear end of my car so the rear right wing ended up getting severely damaged. Unfortunately by the time i pulled over and got out of my car the guy had already gotten into his car and left and although i did try to chase him i lost him in traffic. So i ended up having to pay for the damage from my own pocket (actually my insurance covered 70% and that’s pretty much the only good thing about all this). Looking back i now know that this entire incident could had been avoided had i used an dash camera like i do now since i would have recorded the car and the visible part of its license plate. Today’s review is about one such product and more specifically the latest P2Pro Drive Recorder by PAPAGO.

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