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Plex Bending Tutorial

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You basically see me going through the same steps for all the bends I until I end up with the finished project. I suggest first starting with simple bends until you get used to it. Eventually you can bend as complex shape as your imagination limits you to.

Plex Bending Tutorial 1    Plex Bending Tutorial 2

Plex Bending Tutorial 3    Plex Bending Tutorial 4

     Just in case you were wondering “what the heck is he making?” I included some shots of it with the MB attached. The piece you see here is actually a second piece. I forgot to drill the holes first, as I mentioned before, so I had to make It all over again. This is really no big deal since a piece of acrylic cost around $2.00 and practice makes perfect. I attached it using regular screws and plastic washers for stand-offs to lift the MB up from the acrylic


Plex Bending Tutorial 5    Plex Bending Tutorial 6


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