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Project Infinite – Case Mod Monday

Inspired by Master Chief from Halo

PC case mods are the reasons we started Modders Inc. We never get tired of seeing them our making them. The open-case computer case has been all the rage for many years now and they are starting to take on new and exciting shapes and styles. Most seem to lend themselves toward military themes as with our current highlighted pc case mod, Project Infinite. Rumor has it that this outstanding computer case mod is for sale.

Devin Waddell of TekRed Mods says this about his latest creation.

“This build (Project Infinite) uses the Antec Torque chassis and is inspired by Master Chief from Halo. I wanted to do something different from all the other Torque builds I seen so I decided to keep the GPU stock cooler and mount it in the back to make it look like thrusters on a space ship. Being former military I love the army green color so I wanted this build to look like it has been through a battle with damaged look and carbon scoring. Since I was only cooling the CPU and mounting the GPU in the back I wanted to fill out their space so I decided to create a “fuel cell” using a small res off the distro which I haven’t seen before, it works well with this build I believe. All 3d design work was done by Søren Kirkegaard, he really brought my ideas to life and couldn’t have done it without him.”


Specs of the Project Infinite:

CPU: AMD – Ryzen 9 (3900X)
ASRock – Taichi
Memory: TeamGroup – Xtreem (3600MHz) (ARGB)
Graphics: Galax – GeForce WTF RTX 2070 SUPER
Storage: TeamGroup – Delta Max 2.5 Inch 1 TB
PSU: Antec – HCG 750
Case: Antec – Torque
Case Fans: Antec – Prizm 120 RGB
Cooling: Bitspower – Touchaqua Sedna

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