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Radeon R9-285 Review – Part 2 – Sapphire and PowerColor –

Last week AMD launched their R9-285 and we took a look at it here. There is of course more than one way to design a card and today we have two alternative models, from Sapphire and PowerColor, on our test bench for part 2 of our Radeon R9-285 review.

The Bundle

Before we get started with the card section of this Radeon R9-285 review it is worth taking a moment to talk about the bundle AMD are currently offering. They are branding the bundle “Never Settle: Space Edition” and adding a free copy (via download when released) of titles such as Alien: Isolation and the first Star Citizen module. Other older titles such as Napoleon Total War, Deus EX Human Revolution and Sleeping Dogs are also available and to really cap things, we get to choose three titles from the list when purchasing a R9-285. (R9 cards allow 3 games from a choice of 29, R7 260 cards its 2 games from 28 and 240/250 cards give users one free game from a choice of 18).

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