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Review: SanDisk Extreme II 240GB SSD | Custom PC Review

This is why today we’ll be reviewing the SanDisk Extreme II 240GB, which is SanDisk’s latest high performance SSD offering for the consumer market. Like a number of other SSDs on the market, the Extreme II will come in capacities of 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. Looking at the capacities, you’re probably thinking “Oh, no! Another vanilla SandForce drive!”, but it’s actually not. The Extreme II is instead using Marvell’s 88SS9187 along with some of SanDisk’s own custom firmware and their exclusive 19nm eX2 ABL MLC Toggle NAND. The loss of ~7% usable capacity is actually due to SanDisk’s nCache technology which we’ll be getting into a bit later.

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