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SilentiumPC Grandis XE1236 CPU Cooler Review

The Grandis XE1236 is the first attempt by SilentiumPC to create a dual-heatsink CPU air cooler but instead of following the example of most manufacturers in the market they decided to use two relatively small heatsinks so whereas for example the latest NH-D15 by Noctua measures 165x150x135mm (H,W,L) the Grandis XE1236 measures just 158x130x105mm. According to SilentiumPC they followed this path because they wanted to allow mounting of the cooler inside small PC cases (cost should be lower as well) so if you’re after high cooling efficiency i can tell you right from the get go that the Grandis XE1236 wasn’t designed to meet your needs. Still it’s a dual heatsink tower that comes ready with two ultra-silent hydraulic-bearing 120mm fans (you can even mount a third one at the rear if you want better performance) so we are indeed quite curious to see how it compares against similar solutions.

via SilentiumPC Grandis XE1236 CPU Cooler Review.

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