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Silicon Power Slim S60 240GB SSD Review

Mainstream is a word i never expected to use when referring to solid state drives (SSDs) but thanks to the continuous price drops and the increased competition in the market today i don’t think i know of a single person that doesn’t own at least one. What’s even more interesting however is the amount of manufacturers that currently offer complete NAND flash controller packages (hardware & software). Back in the beginning things were quite simple for consumers since we just had Indilinx, Marvell and SandForce solutions to choose from but now several years later there are many more players in the market to choose from including Samsung, Intel, Seagate (LinkAMedia), Marvell, OCZ (Indilinx), Avago (LSI/Sandforce) and PHISON. That being said we haven’t had a SSD wearing a LSI/SandForce controller on our test bench for quite some time now but the latest Slim S60 model by Silicon Power does and we just had to take a look and see how it competes against the other controllers available currently.

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