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Silicon Power Slim S70 240GB SSD Review

Although we see new products get launched all the time that doesn’t mean that we have to discard old ones and the best possible example i can come up with are cars since i bet there’s at least 1 really old car that each and every single one of us likes. So cars like the Pontiac Trans-Am (1982 model) which made its debut appearance in the Knight Rider as K.I.T.T, the Lamborghini Diablo (1991 model), the Ferrari Testarossa (1985 model) or even the Dodge Viper RT/10 (1994 model) which started in another series (called Viper, surprised?) may not have the assortment of electronics and comforts most cars now come with in their standard versions but these are cars that many people would give everything they have to own. Well the same partially applies to electronics and PC hardware as well and so although we’ve tested many of the latest SSD models to hit the market we decided to take one step backwards and test the Slim S70 240GB SSD model launched by Silicon Power roughly two years ago.

via Silicon Power Slim S70 240GB SSD Review.

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