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Solid State Drive Performance Comparison Guide Rev. 3.2 – Tech ARP

The solid state drive (SSD) is a new and relatively niche storage medium, but one that is slowly but steadily eating away at the universality of the hard disk drive. After all, solid state drives offer some big advantages over hard disk drives – extremely fast random accesses, absolutely silent operation, ability to withstand tremendous amounts of shock, vibration and atmospheric pressure (or the lack thereof).

Of course, this doesn’t spell the end of the ubiquitous hard disk drive. In fact, the hard disk drive is expected to soldier on for the next few decades thanks to the industry’s ability to continuously innovate to keep ahead of the curve. Until solid state drives can deliver the hard disk drive’s ultra-low cost per MB and cavernous storage capacity, the hard disk drive is here to stay.

via Tech ARP – Solid State Drive Performance Comparison Guide Rev. 3.2 – Tech ARP.

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