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Synology Diskstation DS414j 4-Bay NAS Server – Page 1 of 10 –

We have taken a look at a handful of Synology brand network attached storage (NAS) servers over the past five years and each one has left us quite impressed with the features, performance, and ease of use. The samples reviewed to date have covered a variety of configurations best suited for home or small office use, and this article will cover one of their latest offerings that fits in the same general category. The DS414j is a 4-bay device capable of providing up to 20TB of storage (4x 5TB drives) on your network via a Gigabit network connection. While touted as being a budget friendly offering, the DS414j is advertised as offering plenty of the features that users expect in a NAS server, as well as plenty of the convenient extras that Synology is known to offer.

via Synology Diskstation DS414j 4-Bay NAS Server – Page 1 of 10 –

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