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Tech-Life BeatBlock WET Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker Review ‹ Hardware-360

A great quality Bluetooth speaker for a reasonable price is a rare find. Sure there are a myriad of sub $100 Bluetooth speakers out there, but they almost always sound like your smartphone speaker turned up to 11. The Tech-Life BeatBlock is the rare exception with its high quality sound, solid and robust construction and quality components. I have used the original BeatBlock and although the first unit I received was defective, Tech-Life’s excellent customer service sent me a replacement unit immediately. The original BeatBlock was a great value with excellent sound for the size and a tough rubber exoskeleton. The new BeatBlock WET weatherproof speaker takes what was right with the original, adds weatherproofing, and tunes the internals to produce even better sound for the same price as the original model.

via Tech-Life BeatBlock WET Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker Review ‹ Hardware-360.

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