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The New Apple Mac Pro – Can We Build it Better (and Cheaper) PC DIY Style? – Futurelooks

Today, Apple launched their new Mac Pro (aka the trashbin, bazooka tube, water boiler, etc.). And while it’s impressive how Apple’s “highly modded PC” is able to meet thermal and power requirements in such a tiny size, all of this normally comes at a price, which is traditionally known as the “Apple Tax”. We set out to find out just how much of a “tax” there is this time around by pitting their highest spec’d machine against what we could build with industry standard, off the shelf parts, available today. Here’s what we came up with.

via The New Apple Mac Pro is Here – But Can We Build it Better (and Cheaper) PC DIY Style? – Futurelooks.

Dewayne Carel

Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. He has created works for the likes of Cooler Master, ASUS, CPU Magazine, Razer, Zotac and more.

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