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Thermaltake Luxa2 H1-Touch Premium Holder Review – Pro-Clockers

The Luxa2 Premium Holder is a nifty little creation that will allow an active mobile phone to be interactive without physically holding on to the device. Imagine lying in bed at a hotel wanting to watch a good flick but don’t really want to pay the cost of watching pay-per-view movies in the hotel? Well, log into your Hulu account, select your show or movie and prop the phone up on the H1-Touch and enjoy!

Luxa2‘s take on the H1-Touch

H1 Premium Holder is an all-aluminum desk stand for any smartphone with a display size of 3.2” ~ 4.8”. It is designed to hold most mobile phone at a comfortable viewing angle so you can easily watch a video, test message, email or play games without having to hold your phone.

Source – Thermaltake Luxa2 H1-Touch Premium Holder Review – Pro-Clockers.


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