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Thermaltake NiC L32 Non-Interference CPU Cooler Review

Although we’re near the end of September and thus the summer season should be long over by now that’s not really the case here so with temperatures as high as 36 degrees Celsius it really comes as very little surprise that people are still looking for a good CPU cooler for their systems. It goes without saying that since most consumers place price above performance the most popular solutions currently are air coolers followed closely by AIO liquid coolers but what really took us by surprise is that custom water cooling kits/loops are selling quite well lately (because of that we will bring you yet another such review by the end of this week) probably due to the reduced price gap between them and AIO solutions currently. Today’s review however is about one of the latest non-interference CPU air cooler models introduced by Thermaltake the NiC L32.

via Thermaltake NiC L32 Non-Interference CPU Cooler Review.

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