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Toshiba HG6 256GB (THNSNJ256GCSU) SSD Review

It seems that all the recent price drops in storage media along with the increased competition have in a way “pushed” SSD manufacturers to dish out more SSD models inside 2014 alone than any other year prior and that’s really a very good thing for consumers around the world. Sure it may make things harder for you when you’re finally going to pull the trigger on which SSD model to purchase but in the end that matters little since at least performance-wise most high-end models are trading blows. Of course it goes without saying that when you spend your hard earned money you want the best of both worlds so performance and quality are obviously the two main things you want to look for in an SSD and Toshiba is certainly amongst those manufacturers which should be on your to check list when the time comes. Just a few months back Toshiba released their latest HG6 line of SSDs and today we’ll be testing the 256GB variant (THNSNJ256GCSU).

via Toshiba HG6 256GB (THNSNJ256GCSU) SSD Review.

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