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Transcend SSD370 SSD Review (256GB) – Great SSD Value Point | The SSD Review

SSDs have been around for several years now, but some could argue that they have yet to hit mainstream. When you compare SSD sales today to the hard drive, we could make a case when we state that they are still in their infancy. The biggest reasoning for this, of course, has been industries lack of ability to find that key ingredient that makes the SSD a ‘must have’ in the eyes of the consumer. Where price was a huge deterrent in the early years with a 128GB SSD going for over $3000, this was replaced by reliability that then opened the doors to performance, capacity and, all along, value has been a key ingredient in any success the SSD would have. Even today manufacturers still haven’t a foothold on just the right mix to sell the consumer in mass.

via Transcend SSD370 SSD Review (256GB) – Great SSD Value Point | The SSD Review.

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