Watch the Live Case Modding at QuakeCon 2015

The very first Modders-Inc 24hr of LE MODS – The Ultimate Modding Challenge will be held at QuakeCon 2015. So what is the 24hr of LE MODS? This as a contest that puts three case modders against each other in a timed event that is 24 hours in length and last over three days of the event. You get to see in person three modders battling it out to creating three different case mods based on the QuakeCon Legacy  to take home the title of the winner of the 24hr of LE MODS – The Ultimate Modding Challenge sponsored by GEFORCE GARAGE.


You can watch all the live action at our twitch page http://www.twitch.tv/moddersinc/

Watch live video from ModdersInc on www.twitch.tv


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