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XFX R7790 Black Edition OC 2 GB Review

AMD’s Radeon HD 7790 was announced a little while ago, and it successfully managed to establish a strong presence in the $150 segment. Its new “Bonaire” GPU, which reduces power consumption, also allows it to provide great performance per Watt.

We are now seeing fully customized board designs, the first of which reached us from XFX.

The XFX HD 7790 Black Edition OC uses the company’s signature cooler design and comes with an overclock on both GPU and memory. It also features twice the video memory amount: 2 GB instead of 1 GB.

While other companies will charge you a premium for these changes, XFX sticks with the reference pricing of $149.


via XFX R7790 Black Edition OC 2 GB Review | techPowerUp.

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