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Raspberry Pi primed for new OS after drivers are fully open sourced | ZDNet

  The £25 Raspberry Pi now has fully open-source drivers for its ARM System on a Chip (SoC) — paving the way for new operating systems like the Risc OS…

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New Google Chromebook is $249, swaps x86 for ARM

Google and Samsung are giving Chromeboook a mighty big makeover — smaller screen, lower price and something unexpected: ARM processor. Say goodbye to x86, baby, and hello to $249 selling…

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NZXT Phantom Case Review —

  The PC modding scene had grown stale for a while.  In the early 2000s there were lots of interesting and cool mods, but looked kind of ghetto unless you…

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Nvidia GTX 650 Ti is decent overclocker

Nvidia GTX 650 Ti is decent overclocker. Over at fudzilla they say that “We have been told that the GTX 650 Ti is quite an overclocker and at least some,…

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