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Phantom 630 Windowed Edition – NZXT

Phantom 630 Windowed Edition - NZXT

You have been asking for this for a while and we’ve delivered…

NZXT presents the Phantom 630 Windowed Edition – the same

revolutionary, award-winning chassis that took bold innovation


to the next level with a large side panel window.

In 2010, the original Phantom shook the industry with its daring,

timeless design. The following year, NZXT brought the

well-received Phantom design to a Mid-sized tower with the


Phantom 410. In 2012, the Phantom 820, again, raised the bar

for an entire industry, with its integrated HUE lighting system and

limitless cooling potential.NZXT released the Phantom 630 in 2013

to rave reviews with only one complaint, the window.


via Phantom 630 Windowed Edition – NZXT.

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