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KGUARD Easy Link EL421-4HW212B Review (Page 4 of 4) | APH Networks

After using the KGUARD Easy Link EL421-4HW212B for about a month or so, I will admit it: How have I ever gone without a surveillance camera system? Once you have one installed, you will never go back. I think it was an absolutely genius move for KGUARD to take the products they already had, package it together into a single ...

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DropCam Wireless IP Camera


With the rapid deployment of wireless networks around the world wireless enabled devices have exploded in popularity and there isn’t much sign of slowing down. There are plenty of devices such as blu-ray players, printers, thermostats, and even our televisions can connect to the Internet wirelessly. Now IP cameras are not a new technology and they have been around for a ...

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