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Patriot Announces 2TB Ignite SSD


Patriot has expanded their Ignite SSD lineup to include a new massive 2TB version for those who require more storage. The Ignite SSD line originally topped at 960GB but the new 2TB model continues to use a Phison S10 controller with speeds of 560/500 MB/s …

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ADATA SP550 240GB SATA SSD Review: $0.25-per-GB Reality


With current storage controllers having no problem saturating the SATA interface, a different kind of race emerges; one that is unusually focused towards the bottom with an eye on delivering the lowest per GB cost. The previously reviewed ADATA SX930 with its 4-channel JMicron JMF670H …

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Plextor M7V M.2 SATA SSD Review

Plextor M7V

Flash based storage can really wake up an older PC due to it’s massive increase in speed and decrease in seek time as compared it its rotating disk counter part. As the price of flash memory continues to drop, we start to see SSD’s prices …

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ADATA XPG SX930 240GB SATA SSD Drive Review: Value Beyond Speed


Like luxury cars, sometimes components not only have to perform fast but have to look the part as well. Since ADATA is aiming for the gaming and enthusiast segment with the XPG SX930 SSD, the cosmetic change is obvious but necessary to get some heads …

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ZOTAC Enters PCI-E NVMe Arena with New SONIX SSD

ZTSSD-PG3-480G-GE _Image03

ZOTAC had plenty to show on display at CES earlier this year but tucked inside one of the custom cases was their latest and fastest storage solution on hand. While details were not fully available yet at that time, ZOTAC has now announced details about …

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Mushkin @ CES 2016: Bigger, More Affordable Storage

Mushkin @ CES 2016

Mushkin is a Texas-based memory and storage company offering excellent bang-for-buck value on most of their product line. 2016 is no exception as the company expands their line to deliver a stronger bang-for-buck offering than what is currently available in the market for SATA SSDs. …

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Zotac @ CES 2016: Small PCs, Big Displays

Zotac @ CES 2016

ZOTAC has mastered the craft of making mini-PCs so it comes as no surprise that there were many variants from their ZBOX line on display at CES 2016 including new Skylake and Cherry Trail-based units. They have also expanded their line much more beyond small-form …

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ZOTAC Enters Storage Wars with Premium Edition SSDs


Video card and mini-PC specialist ZOTAC has announced something unexpected: they will now begin offering solid-state drive storage.  ZOTAC’s Premium Edition SSDs will be available in 240GB and 480GB capacities initially utilizing a quad-core Phison controller with MLC NAND.  Sequential read and write speeds are …

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EKWB Offers Water Block for Intel 750 Series PCI-E SSD


File this under things you do not see every day; Slovenian water-cooling company EKWB has announced the availability of a new waterblock designed not for graphics cards but for Intel’s 750 Series SSDs. The unit is based on a nickel-plated copper with an elegant look …

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Intel Releases Fix for 750 Series SSD Slow Boot Times


Intel 750 series SSD users have lamented of its slow boot times for a few months now, including respected media site TechReport in their 750 series SSD review which showed 10+ seconds behind their slowest booting SSD tested (which also happens to be a 335 …

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