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Patriot Launches New High Performing/High Capacity Ignite SSD


Patriot, a leading manufacturer of computer memory, USB/flash, SSDs and mobile accessories, today launched its latest addition to the solid-state drive (SSD) market, the Patriot Ignite SATA III SSD. One of the fastest drives available, the Ignite has record shattering speeds and impressive capacities to boost PC performance at a cost efficient value. Boasting Patriot’s largest capacity SSD yet, the ... Read More »

AMD R7 240GB SSD Review

The latest addition to AMD’s product lineup is the unassuming R7-series SSDs which, in our testing at least, are worth every penny of its affordable price. AMD R7 240GB SSD Review @ Hardware Canucks Read More »

QNAP TS-451 Network Attached Storage Review


Network storage used to be a thing only found in business class networks. However, with the increase in popularity of home networking and the ability to easily share large amounts of data between PCs attached to the home network, network attach storage is quickly becoming an integral part of the modern home network.  Family members are no longer confined to ... Read More »

Mushkin Scorpion 480GB PCIe x2 SSD Review

To this date largely thanks to the several price drops which have occurred over the course of the past 2 years more and more consumers choose to equip their systems with SATA III SSD models in order to experience superior read & write performance compared to regular mechanical drives. However although for casual users, gamers, overclockers and most professionals the ... Read More »

US Thanksgiving SSD Best Deals Post

It’s that time of the year again, when online retailers are dropping prices on products left and right. Over the past few days there have been some okay deals when it comes to SSDs in anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, today there are some very good deals on drives from all the big boys in the industry, mainly Samsung, SanDisk ... Read More »