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Review: Plextor M6M 256GB mSATA SSD | Custom PC Review

That said, today we’ll be reviewing the Plextor M6M 256GB SSD. As far as components go, the Plextor M6M/M6S is controlled by the Marvell 88SS9188 (Monet Lite) controller, which is a controller we’re seeing on our test benches for the first time today along with some of Toshiba’s latest 2nd generation 19nm Toggle Mode MLC NAND. via Review: Plextor M6M ... Read More »

Review: Crucial M550 512GB SATA SSD | Custom PC Review

“Today’s review will be on the Crucial M550 (512GB) SSD which is more or less the successor to the Crucial M500 SSD (more or less because Crucial has no plans to discontinue the M500 anytime soon). The major difference with the Crucial M550 is that instead of using 128Gb NAND on all capacities, Crucial is reverting lower capacity drives (<256GB)…” ... Read More »

How Does an SSD Work – Learning To Run With Flash | The SSD Review

‘How Does An SSD Work’ is the fourth article in our series entitled ‘Learning To Run With Flash’. In this series, we take the time to try to explain the ins and outs of SSDs to you the reader, as well as doing our best to provide an understanding of how this amazing technology will benefit you. If you are ... Read More »

Crucial M550 512GB SSD Review

Crucial’s M550 512GB  is the new price / performance king in the SSD market.  It is equipped with a new Marvell controller and specially selected NAND and hits well above its weight class. Crucial M550 512GB SSD Review. Read More »

OCZ 240GB Vertex 460 solid state drive Reviews –

One of the first announced products to come about as a result of that deal is the OCZ Vertex 460, a marriage of OCZ’s Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller with Toshiba 19nm toggle flash memory. Advertising up to 545MB/s sequential reads and 525MB/s sequential writes, and from 90,000 to 95,000 4K random IOPS, it appears as if OCZ is right back ... Read More »

Apacer Launches Two ULTRA SLIM SSDs: JEDEC MO-297-compliant SFD 18S6 and MO-300-compliant mSATA A1

  Apacer launches SATA 3.0 slim SSDs to meet the need for industrial mobility devices With the trend in terminal products toward mobility, the built-in storage devices have turned to compact design in specification and size, and stronger durability are required for the products. Aiming at industrial computers driven by the trend, Apacer launches two ultra slim SSDs: JEDEC MO-297-compliant ... Read More »

WD Black² Dual Drive WD1001X06X Review | Hardware BBQ

There are those who want a dedicated storage with flash NAND but with capacity of about 1TB drive- that’s where drives like Samsung EVO 1TB comes in. But at the price of US $459.99/ UK £363.81, its an out-of-reach for many. This issue of having an ‘all-in-one’ storage solution would mostly affect notebook users, unless desktop users want a very ... Read More »