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CES 2014 Case Modders and Builders of the Show

CES 2014 Case Modders and Builders of the Show
What I’m presenting to you since I’m not at the show is pics and details I could scrounge up. They are after all, busy and working hard…
Yea like you would believe that? The “WORK” is done and they deserve a break and time to celebrate the MOD, the year, the relations, not to mention all the vendor parties. So I didn’t press them on too much detail but enough to share in the MODathon Party here since we can’t be there.
Ron Christianson (Blue Horse Studios ) has HAF LIFE HAF Stacker at the Cooler Master Suites.
Mod took 30 days to complete. Which is AMAZING. The effects panels are made from 1/8-1/4 ABS and polystyrene – airbrushed and weathered. The side window has a clear and Amber acrylic window with Gordan Freeman’s Black Mesa ID badge in the lower corner.
Ron last brought us IRON MAN done for Thermaltake Computex show.


*Asus Z87 sabertooth
*I7 4770k
*Asus GTX 680
*16g ram
*Two 120g ssd

Click here to see Ron’s video build log:

Lee Harrington (Pcjunkiemods) STACK of HAF Stackers on exhibition in the Cooler Master Suite.

Cooler Master Suite:

This HAF Stack, Stacks Up with the Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 and 915.

Lee’s been making the scene with many other exhibition builds, O.C. Demos and Live Twitch sessions. You can follow Lee at Pcjunkies Face Book and also C2CMODS Forum his Modders Web Site.
This Link is to one of his recent projects on Lee’s Website/Forum and Hell Raiser.

Mike Landenberger Lutro0 Customs ) Exhibit ELEKTRON is over at the Kingston Technology Suite

I’m familiar with this build being around Mike as his Live Stream and site moderator and I have to say what a nice creation this is.
If you haven’t been by to watch the LIVE ACTION almost every day you may enjoy the activities beyond the sleeving like watching projects like ELEKTRON come to life. We should also give some credit and a shout out to Josiah Bruzelius his assistant and right right hand man at Lutro0 customs helping Mike get this Show ready in a short time.

Kingston Technology Suite:

Mike says “Well after a hard week of rush modding, I present the preliminary final photos of the Elektron Mod. We had to box it up the second I got done with it as I have absolutely no time to waste. It was crammed into a box and shipped one day to CES. I am praying it makes it in good condition.

Thanks to NZXT. Corp , MSI Computer U.S. , MSI Gaming , ModWithMe , Cooler Master , Kingston Technology , HyperX Community , and everyone else that has helped this project become a reality.

I will be taking final photos when we get back from CES and I put the final final touches on it. Then we will need to find it a good home.
The ELEKTRON Build log:  http://www.overclock.net/t/1434204/sponsored-case-mod-elektron-electricity-a-nzxt-source-530-mod/100_20#post_21488124

One note worthy mention is this case mod sports some Custom Mod commissioned parts from https://www.facebook.com/groups/ModWithMe/. Case  modders can get custom designed, custom made parts and services from start-ups like ModWithMe founded by Sander van der Velden and designs by Wayne Bullet Butler  . I think the year 2013 has exploded with modding service providers that are enhancing our needs and creations in areas where we have the ideas and designs but lack of tools, materials or expertise.

Bob Stewart and  Rod Rosenberg of BS Mods (website link) Have been the busiest. As a builder and wanna be modder myself to me these guys are living the dream. Just for CES 2014 BS mods was blessed with 8 commissions. Benches, Frames, Scratch, Crazy wicked Case Mods and each one a homerun hit out of the park. Check it out:

The Rosewill Blackhawk..Cosmic Force Edition…is a Blackhawk midtower case. Painted with PPG Deltron and 10 coats of clear with a gold metallic intercoat . polished to a mirror finish. Some airbrushed artwork that added some dimension and created our Protoss inspired theme. We made a blue energy portal that glows and appears as if it floats on the surface. We added small acrylic blue rods along the top and front outer seam edges to tie in the colors. We mirrored the interior to give it massive depth and finished off the wiring with a blue sleeve.

Rosewill Suite:

The Enermax Coenus ..Pacific Rim-Gipsy Danger… painted metallic blue and then airbrushed all the artwork and black weathering. Made a ribbed top out of acrylic and backlit the ribs. Made a cover for the psu that has lighted ribs that work independently of the case lighting. The front was completely remodeled to mimic the Gipsy Danger helmet and chest area. The red chest light was made with several pieces of clear acrylic and 3 separate red led halo rings to intensify the light.

I believe this is at the Enermax Suites:

The ADATA TB … a solid aluminum plate bent into shape with CNC milled access slots and mounting holes. Also 4 SSD brackets that each hold 2 SSD’s. Painted with a black satin texture.

ADATA Suite:

The purple Inwin D Frame — and the green one… the purple is called dormant purple. And the green is called Lime Juice. We stripped them to bare metal..flipped them upside down to change the orientation of the mobo… we strategically placed some led’s into the framework and fed the wiring inside the tubes. We matched the looks of them with the psu’s and added 2 bars to them to match the look of the tubular design. We discarded all the stock rubber blue bushings and replaced them with black custom ones.

InWin Suite:

The Kingston “Hyper X” — solid 1/2″ thick aluminum plates CNC milled, 1″ thick aluminum round bar connects the two halves. Blue acrylic over hex mesh to mimic the newest Hyper Xxx logo.

Kingston Suite:

And finally… the Thermaltake A71 Vintage Armor. Painted with a rust pitted coppery tone base and some dark highlights to show some patina. Hand bent acrylic armor louvers and straps all riveted on with genuine aircraft grade rivets.and we made a custom window that is 1/2″ thick for some serious muscle.

Thermaltake Suite:

You can find BS Mods at BS Mods Face Book Page (Link) You wont get bored watching this page with so much going on.

Dewayne Carel (Americanfreak) of http://www.modders-inc.com/  and https://www.facebook.com/groups/casemodders/ has a Military Class MOD
called Fallout 3

Thermaltake Suite:

Be Careful Kitty Mach Thermaltake can’t survive without you…

Image by Sean Kalinich

No telling where that thing will transport you to:

Elric Phares Tech Of Tomorrow’s Thermaltake Suite Visit highlights Dewyanes Creation:


Case: Thermaltake s41 Urban Series
Keyboard: Thermaltake Challenger Illuminated
Mouse: Thermaltake Theron
Headset: Thermaltake Console one
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Big Typ Revo
Power Supply: Seasonic Platinum 1000, 860, and X850
Memory: Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer DDR3 PC3-14900
Motherboards: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
Video Card: EVGA 680 GTX
CPU: AMD FX-8350

Build Log: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/3872-Fallout-3-Case-Mod-by-Americanfreak

And now ending this where it all began for our friends, there’s nothing like a quickie. No they didn’t party at the Chicken Ranch. Seems Gigabyte wanted a few simple bench builds. Simple? Well lucky a few of expert builders were around. Were talking Water Cooled for OC building here with extruded acrylic tubing.

Here with Lee Harrington’s behind the camera and permission to share is Richard Surroz (DarthBeavis) doing some acrylic tube bending for the GigaByte bench build.

Richard Surroz, Mike Landenberger, Travis Jank, Eric Ochoa and Lee Harrington came to the rescue and had a little CES 2014 build time.

Can you imagine the fun these guys had?
Starting with Travis Jank sporting the beard then moving right is Lee Harrington, Mike Landeberger, Mikes Wife Ashley Landenberger,
And down front with the Cooling Fluid Mayhems X1 with a lemon Squeezer is Eric Ochoa.

And that my friends was CES 2014 Builders and MODDERS of the Show.


Hidden away in a dark part of the Modders-Inc offices is a man, no a machine, that writes reviews so epic that they have been listed in the top ten best reads by the New York Times. Well that is what we tell him otherwise we have no idea what would happen if he knew the truth.

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