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Mushkin Unveils the New REACTOR 1TB Solid State Drive


Solid State drive performance is undeniable and lifespans have increased but many users still clamor for larger storage spaces for their programs, especially that some of the latest games even reach 55GB install sizes, making that 256GB SSD feeling cramped all of a sudden. Thankfully, companies such as Mushkin are expanding their offerings to deliver larger solid-state drive capacities such ... Read More »

Cougar 700K Keyboard: The Audacity of Functional Design

Cougar 700K

A product’s function is not solely reliant on the designer but also shaped by the intended audience. Problem arises when there is a disconnect between intention, marketing and reception; the result being a product that is supposed to perform well at the intended task but comes up short due to false assumptions on what the intended audience needs. I say ... Read More »

Maximum PC Needs an Associate Editor

Maximum PC needs an Associate Editor! Is it your dream to get paid to write about PC hardware? If you are an aspiring journalist who wants to write clean copy for Maximum PC, now’s your chance to get your foot in the door as an Associate Editor. Ideal candidates should: Be well-versed in the PC hardware/software scene Have writing/reporting abilities ... Read More »

New Phanteks Low Profile PH-TC12LS Cooler Announced


Cooling manufacturer Phanteks is targeting the ever expanding HTPC/SFF market with the new PH-TC12LS cooler, a low profile solution that boasts excellent cooling at only 47mm tall (without fan). The PH-TC12LS uses a C-type design with six 6mm nickel plated heatpipes and paired with a 120mm PH-F120MP PWM fan out of the box (bringing total height to 74mm) for active ... Read More »

Tesoro Launches New Website


Gaming peripheral manufacturer Tesoro has relaunched their website with a new slick design made for a more convenient navigation and easy access to information, specifications, images and video overviews of various Tesoro products. The site is also tightly integrated into various social media outlets so sharing information is just a single click away. For more information, check out the official ... Read More »