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Making a Test Power Supply

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So how am I going to attach the main board to the Lexan? Just like you would for yourPC, using standoffs. I don't know about you but I must have 50 plus of these things in my spare parts bins. When you drill the hole into the Lexan use one size smaller drill bit than the threads of the standoff. Be gentle screwing it in. As they are brass and can break pretty easily.


Making a Test Power Supply 1


     Say good bye to the motherboard connector. It is no longer needed for my project. What I do need is all the wires.

Making a Test Power Supply 2



     Ready to start the assembly. Try to keep the plastic on the Lexan as much as possible. This will cut down the chances of scratching the surfaces. 

Making a Test Power Supply 3 Making a Test Power Supply 4

Making a Test Power Supply 5 Making a Test Power Supply 6



     Now onto the special part of my modded PSU. I will be using a couple of the wires from the old motherboard connector. One of each of the following colors will be used Black (common), Orange (3.3v), Red (5v) and Yellow (12v). Solder them to the ends of the receptacles and put some heat shrink over them.

Making a Test Power Supply 7 Making a Test Power Supply 8


     This is the reason for the plugs on top. I can use some plunger test leads and connect them to anything I want to test and try different voltages without having to connect them to one of the Molex plugs.

Making a Test Power Supply 9


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