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INNFACT Krait Puzzle-like Modular PowerStrip on INDIEGOGO

INNFACT Krait Puzzle-like Modular PowerStrip
The puzzle-like modular PowerStrip manufacturer, INNFACT, is thrilled to announce the crowdfunding campaign kickoff for their innovative product, KRAIT, on INDIEGOGO. KRAIT's crowdfunding campaign has officially launched on January 15th and is ready to bring a new benchmark to the industry. INNFACT offers five early-bird plans and packages for early backers to experience the groundbreaking evolution of a PowerStrip with …

Author: Dewayne Carel
Category: News and Articles

Cougar Dualblader Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar Dualblader Gaming Mouse Review
When it comes to mice, it is a very personal piece of hardware. Everyone has different needs and preferences. For me, a simple mouse with 6 buttons and an adjustable DPI does fine. However, Cougar's Dualblader mouse has me re-thinking a few things. The Cougar Dualblader is a fully adjustable gaming mouse that features many swappable parts. A feature called …

Author: Tom Brokaw
Category: PC Mouse

New PATRIOT P400 PCIe Gen4x4 m.2 SSD Now Available

Patriot P400 PCIe Gen4x4 m.2 SSD
PATRIOT™ is pleased to announce the PATRIOT P400 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe m.2 SSD with capacities of 512GB and 1TB. The PATRIOT P400 was built using the latest PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe controller and best-in-class components to deliver faster data access, multi-application processing, and quick transfer speeds up to 5000MB/s in sequential. The PATRIOT P400 can offer double the transfer speeds compared …

Author: Dewayne Carel
Category: PC News, Hardware, Software

New EnGenius ECW220v2 WiFi 6 Access Point Review

EnGenius ECW220v2
For the past decade, mesh networks and access points have become familiar technologies in our homes. It is extremely easy to make sure you have complete WiFi signal coverage where you need it. There are multiple brands that offer mesh connectivity and to be honest most of them work great. Most of the companies such as Google WiFi and TP-Link …

Author: Alex Lusakhpuryan
Category: Network Hardware

Innfact, Manufacturers of the World’s First Puzzle-like Modular PowerStrip

Innfact Modular PowerStrip
Innfact designed the world’s first modular power strip to provide safer, reliable, and faster charging for laptops, tablets, and all sorts of gadgets. Krait comprises three main modules: the source power puzzle, the AC puzzle, and the DC puzzle. It supports three AC outlets, two USB-C, and two USB-A ports. Each module can be detached and attached separately, depending on …

Author: Dewayne Carel
Category: News and Articles
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