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VIPER M.2 Giveaway
Modders Inc and Viper Gaming by Patriot have teamed up to give you an amazing giveaway. So what are the prizes, a couple of VIPER M.2 drives! The first one is the Viper VPN100 512GB while the 2nd one is a Viper VPN100 1TB 512 =   Read Speeds: up to 3,300MB/s Write Speeds: up to 2,200MB/S 1TB=  Read Speeds: up …

be quiet! Pure Base 500 Window Black: Review

be quiet! Pure Base 500 Window Black: Review
Having an extremely quiet PC doesn't have to be difficult. It all starts with choosing the right case for the job.  be quiet! has been manufacturing some of the best cases on the market that help keep your computer as quiet as possible.  The pure Base 500 by be quiet! is a budget-friendly ATX case that has the same insulation …

Justin Chu - Case Mod Monday

Justin Chu - Case Mod Monday
There are clean looking case mods and then there are next-level clean looking PC case mods. Justin Chu's case fits into the latter category. While browsing around on Facebook we came across this PC Case mod and we just knew it had to be a feature. What helps this case mod raise to the top that it has, what looks …

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