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EVGA Jukebox Case Mod

EVGA Jukebox Case Mod
A while back, one year ago, we started a project with EVGA and they supplied Modders-Inc with a DG-87, GTX1070, Z270 Motherboard and a 800 watt G3 power supply. The question on everyone's mind was what is the case mod going to be about? We came up with a the idea of letting viewers suggest what kind of case mod …

Synology is introducing RackStation RS3618xs

Synology is introducing RackStation RS3618xs
Need more storage? No Problem says Synology.  We just heard the news that Synology is releasing a 2U rackmount NAS, RackStation RS3618xs.  RackStation RS3618xs Is a new storage solution that can serve as your office’s private file server, backup target, virtualization solution, and much, much more.  There are numerous features which are being featured in this device such as award winning …

Fractal Design: Meshify C Mini - Tempered Glass Edition

Meshify C Mini
When you look at the original Meshify C, Fractal Design probably isn’t the first enclosure manufacturer that comes to mind as its potential mastermind. This is a company that built its reputation on building cases that would look right at home at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual LAN party. The Swedish company isn’t exactly known for its aggressive designs, …

Enermax: Ostrog Lite Review

Ostrog Lite Review
There has been a significant push on the budget cases this year. Multiple manufacturers are designing and releasing budget cases that look good and perform well in comparison to mid to high-end cases. Some of the cases we have seen so far that turn heads are NZXT S340, Corsair 270R and Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1. These cases are reasonably …

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