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ADATA SX950 SSD Review

SX950 SSD Review
Fast and affordable flash storage is no longer difficult to find. Nowadays every custom build rig is equipped with some kind of flash SSD. It seems that the craze for NVME still going on, however, traditional SSDs are still popular as ever. Recently we reviewed ADATA SX930 SSD and came to a conclusion that it was the best bang for …

In Win Announces ‘Mod in Taiwan 2.0’ Case Modding Event

Modding the In Win 303 in a Design Competition Live Event
In Win Development Inc has announced the upcoming Mod in Taiwan 2.0 case modding event, which will feature both an online design competition, and a live case modding event hosted at In Win headquarters. The event will feature five international teams in collaboration with In Win’s R&D team. In Win 303 Design Competition Fans of In Win can now contribute …

Cougar Panzer-G Video Review

Cougar Panzer-G Video Review
Tempered Glass has been making its way into more than just the side panels on cases lately, and the Panzer-G from Cougar turns that up to 11. If this case looks familiar, you’re right. It’s an evolution of the Panzer and Panzer-S cases released last year. In fact, the internals is nearly identical to my eye. But now instead of …

Phanteks Introduces Their New PC Tool Kit

Phanteks Introduces Their New PC Tool Kit
Not everyone needs all the tools that we modders say we need to have. Sometimes all you need is just a few tools to do general PC maintenance. What if you could do everything with just a single tool, would you buy it? Of course you would! Phanteks, the makers of awesome cases, has created a new toolkit to do …

Win the Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming H5 Tournament Edition

ound blaster H5 TE giveaway
You have read the Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming H5 Tournament Edition review, now win it! Sound Blaster has given Modders Inc the chance to giveaway this awesome headset! About the headset: Gaming Audio Remastered The BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition is an upgrade from the BlasterX H5 with improved drivers for better sensitivity and more accurate sound reproduction. This gaming headset also features …

Sound Blaster Pro-Gaming H5 Tournament Edition Headset Review

Creative Sound Blaster Pro-Gaming H5 Tournament Edition
From their humble beginnings in 1987 with the first Sound Blaster card, Creative has been at the forefront of PC sound systems.  Currently, they are one of the top known names in sound for your PC and other gaming systems.  We are going to be taking a look at their mid-level Sound Blaster Pro-Gaming H5 Tournament Edition Headset.  The H5 …

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