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ModMyMods Releases a Full Line Up of PC Coolants.

ModMyMods ModWater
When someone finds a product that they trust, they tend to stick with it for a long time. When they do eventually branch out, they still usually stick with a specific brand. If you but an EK water cooling kit, you'll most likely end up using the coolant in the kit. Like many things in the PC Enthusiast community, everyone …

Cougar Blazer Review

Cougar Blazer Review
Open frame cases have become quite popular in recent years.  Cougar established themselves as a leader in the space with their Conquer mid-tower case, then followed it up by adding the Blazer mid-tower to their lineup.  The Blazer shares the Conquer's plate-and-standoff open frame construction and orange accents but has a slightly more traditional profile.  How does the Blazer stack …

ADATA SE800 External SSD Review

ADATA SE800 featured image
With how popular content creation has become in recent years, fast reliable storage has never been more important. But, even higher-end boards only have so many M.2 slots, and processors only have so many PCIe lanes available for storage devices. But with the speeds offered by USB 3.2 Gen2 and the versatility of the USB Type-C connector, many companies …

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