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Back in 2007, I remember receiving a Creative Zen, which was my first digital audio player. I have always enjoyed music in general, because it has a way of toying with emotions — whether to relax myself during down times, or to keep me focused while studying for exams. From that day on, I would listen to my MP3 player on the way to school, if only to give me something to do on the daily bus rides. Of course, nowadays, I have stopped using my Creative Zen, and switched over to my smartphone. As for headphones, I had never really carried around anything expensive. I have a small fear that one day my earbuds will get stolen, and if they break, I will not cry over it, since they are easy to replace. Even at home, I use my respectable-but-budget Sennheiser HD439, which work great everywhere, as long as you remain inside the home. These set of cans are not meant to be traveling headphones, as they do not feature anything foldable, or even come with a traveling case. I often find myself tangled with issues when I am using wired headphones, because the wires get in the way and either get caught in my jacket zipper, or snagged on a desk. You know, first world problems. When Editor in Chief Jonathan Kwan approached me to review a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones, namely the Adesso Xtream H2, I was excited to finally get rid of all my other earbuds. This is meant for traveling with its foldable design, includes a traveling case, and also removes any wire issues I have had in the past. They are not too pricey at a price of around $39 at press release. Is this really a suitable replacement for my cheapo earbuds, or is my excitement a bit premature? This question and others will be answered today.

via Adesso Xtream H2 Review (Page 1 of 4) | APH Networks.

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