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Alphacool announces the Eisblock GPX GPU waterblocks

Alphacool announced two all new waterblocks for nVidia GTX 1080 Ti and AMD RX VEGA series graphics cards, the Eisblock GPX Plexi and the Eisblock GPX Acetal.  Both blocks feature the same full-contact nickel-plated copper cooling plate made from a single cast, and both offer the same cooling performance.  The two parts vary quite a bit in aesthetics, with the GPX Acetal going for an all-business approach with its matte black finish, the Plexi features a very large window showing the water flow inside the block.  And of course, RGB lighting is also included in the Plexi, with support for all the usual suspects, like ASUS Aurora Sync, Biostar VIVID LED DJ, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, or MSI Mystic.

While both variants include backplates, they are significantly different.  The backplate included on the GPX Acetal should be familiar to those who have seen Alphacool GPU blocks before with their standard ‘finned’ design.  The GPX Plexi’s backplate, by contrast, is a bit of a depatrure and features a smooth black finish.

Internally, the full cover heatsink actvely cools all heat producing components on the graphics card. The nickel-plated copper heatsink above the GPU core features 35 fins which are only 0.6mm thick.  And given the surface are of the heatsink, it provides plenty of contact for cards featuring HBM memory packages.

Both variants of the Eisblock GPX are being introduced with compatibility for either the nVidia GTX 1080 Ti or AMD RX VEGA 56 and 64 series of graphics cards.  For information about compatibility with your graphics card, a complete list can be found on the Eisblock GPX product page.  Alphacool is now accepting orders for the Eisblock GPX waterblocks directly on their website,

Eisblock GPX Plexi
Eisblock GPX Plexi RGB
Eisblock GPX Plexi VEGA
Eisblock GPX Plexi
Eisblock GPX Plexi
Eisblock GPX Plexi
Eisblock GPX Plexi Terminal
Eisblock GPX Acetal
Eisblock GPX Acetal
Eisblock GPX Internal
Eisblock GPX Acetal Backplate
Eisblock GPX Acetal Terminal

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