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Antec Joins the RGB Bandwagon with New Rainbow 120 Fans

Antec Joins the RGB Bandwagon with New Rainbow 120 Fans

RGB is all the rage currently and Antec is joining in the fun with the release of their new Rainbow 120 Series Fans. As you might have gathered from the name, these are 120mm fans (120 x 120 x 25mm frame) and they are actually surprisingly affordable with a manufacturer suggested retail price of only $16 each with a two-year limited warranty. Considering the low price, Modders are definitely going to flock to use these fans.

For a longer lifespan and quieter operation, the Antec Rainbow 120 uses hydraulic bearings while anti-vibration rubber cushions on the corner mounts aid with noise dampening further. Just because you have fans that are loud visually, it doesn’t mean you would want them to run loud acoustically as well so kudos to Antec.

Antec Joins the RGB Bandwagon with New Rainbow 120 Fans

The Antec Rainbow 120 series fans have the ability to select between seven preset colors: red, orange, blue, green, white, yellow and pink. It also has the ability o cycle through the a 256-color gradient with several mode options including flashing, breathing and more adjusted via the integrated lighting controller button. These fans are quite smart as well with a built-in memory function so it retains the last saved preferred selection after a system shutdown or reboot.

Antec Joins the RGB Bandwagon with New Rainbow 120 Fans

To make sure the light is distributed as best possible on the fan, the LEDs are located around the inner frame while the seven blades are all transparent on the Rainbow 120 so the fired LEDs will distribute across evenly it while the fan is in operation. Unfortunately for PWM fans, the Rainbow 120 is only available with 3-pin connectors currently so a fan controller or a voltage limiter has to be used to run it at lower fan speeds. The max RPM at 12V/0.3A current runs up to 1200 RPM with a maximum airflow of 42.62 CFM and produces a noise level of 24.8dBA at those speeds.


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